I am experienced software engineer interested in developing .NET applications. Currently I am consultant in the scope of software development on .NET platform and integration with BizTalk Server. Earlier I worked in company creating business software as .NET/BizTalk Developer and I was responsible for programming business logic and integration logic using tool mentioned above. I am familiar with work on various tiers. From database and data access layer - mainly SQL Server, but also Oracle. Through business layer, to presentation layer using ASP.NET MVC or WPF.

Warsaw University of Technology

Computer Science

I am a graduate of Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology. During my studies I tried to develop my interests relevant with programming. Because of this I joined scientific circle .NET Group, where I have met many people who shared my passion and I have had contact with newest technologies.

Black Sun Systems


My company, Black Sun Systems, specializes in developing software in .NET technology. Black Sun Systems provides multilayered applications based on the .NET platform and the related programming language C#. Company creates web applications, Windows applications, mobile applications and distributed applications. Black Sun Systems also provides professional consulting services in scope of developing modern IT solutions.


Benefit Systems SA

.NET Consultant

I was responsible for rewriting two legacy applications from old technologies to modern approach, implementing new functionality and maintenance of old solution as part of Agile team. The final goal of projects was architecture with .NET 5 RESTful services and React user interface. First application allowed management of sales commissions and was integrated with Salesforce CRM. Second project was concerned with document workflow. Data layer was implemented using SQL Server database, Entity Framework as ORM and Redis cache. Background processing was developed using Hangfire with communication provided by RabbitMQ. Unit and integration tests were created with MSTest and Moq. Continuous integration was assured by Bamboo.

mBank SA

.NET Consultant

I participated in two projects were I was responsible for every aspect of work, from architecture to implementation. First was related with creating new user interface for internal banking system. New interface was created as two part solution. Client side was developed as clean Angular application and server side as RESTful web service written in ASP.NET Core. Second project involved creating application for performing functional tests for internal banking system. Solution consisted of website created in ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS. Application allowed creation and management of test scenarios with multiple steps and prerequisites using information from tested system. Test scenarios with defined expected results were executed asynchronously on internal system and results were presented in readable fashion. Solution consisted of SQL Server database with Entity Framework as ORM. Software was developed in accordance to DDD and TDD. Unit tests and integration tests were performed using NUnit, Moq, Jasmine and Selenium. Communication between independent parts was performed by RESTful web services and message queues. Application was created using Agile methods, mainly Scrum but later also Kanban. Continuous integration was achieved with use of TeamCity and Ansible.

KMD Poland

.NET Consultant

Developing web application supporting employment process. Solution consisted of multiple parts. Older one developed in ASP.NET allowing management of employees which communicated with external SAP system. Other parts were entirely new websites developed in ASP.NET MVC with use of AngularJS. These applications were used for management of documents in workflow and administration of data used in other parts of solution. I was responsible for maintenance and developing new functionality on every layer of these application. Communication with SQL Server database was performed using Entity Framework ORM. Unit and integration tests were created with NUnit and Moq. Interaction between independent parts of project was ensured by WCF and RESTful web services. Solution was created in spirit of Agile, DDD and TDD.

Roche Pharmaceuticals

.NET Consultant

Creating application to automate servers ordering and delivering, which consisted of web front-end and workflows on HP Operations Orchestrator. I was responsible for work with SQL Server database, making data access with NHibernate ORM, building business logic, preparing presentation layer in ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, writing unit and integration tests using NUnit and Moq. Also modeling workflows for automatic virtual servers delivery and various maintenance operations on servers, both physical or virtual and with various operating systems. My responsibility was involved too with preparing custom IActions in .NET for use in mentioned workflows on HP Operations Orchestrator, mainly for integration with other company systems.

Polskie Książki Telefoniczne Sp. z o.o.

.NET Consultant

Developing WinForms application used to manage companies, services and products data which are presented in telephone and address directories or websites. My responsibility consisted of work with SQL Server database, making data access components with NHibernate, building business logic, preparing presentation tier with WinForms in MVVM pattern and writing unit and integration tests using MbUnit.


BizTalk Consultant

Creating integration logic exchanging messages between company internal systems like Oracle RMS (Retail Merchandising System), Gold, FKX, OeBS and others. For integration tier was used Microsoft BizTalk Server. Integration was also performed with external clients. Another aspect of my work was system for communication and data exchange with cash registers all over the country. This system was created as .NET web application with SQL Server database.

K2 Internet SA

BizTalk/.NET Developer

Creating business logic and integration logic in credit processing applications for financial institutions. Business logic was related with generating table of available credit options. Integration with external banking systems was made using Microsoft BizTalk Server. Integration was performed between SQL Server and external banking systems. External systems, connected with scoring and debtors verification, were exposed by Oracle databases and WebServices. Integration tier communicated as well with, which is business process modeling application. From BizTalk Server were also used business rules mechanism to enable quick change of rules used for credit grant check.


I am experienced full stack software engineer interested in developing multilayered applications with Microsoft technologies. I specialize in creating web applications with client side built in Angular framework with use of TypeScript, HTML5, SCSS and communicating with RESTful web services hosted by ASP.NET Core. Server side I design in spirit of Domain Driven Development (DDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) and use SQL Server database with Entity Framework as ORM and chosen inversion of control container. I prefer working in Agile teams with use of Continuous Integration.

C#, Java, C++, C, Assembler
MS SQL Server, Oracle
Entity Framework, NHibernate
ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, React, SignalR, Redux, jQuery, RESTful Web Services, GraphQL, WCF, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, SCSS
NUnit, XUnit, Moq, Jasmine, Selenium
Autofac, Castle Windsor, StructureMap, Unity
MSBuild, TeamCity, Ansible
WF, HP Operations Orchestration
MS BizTalk Server, Business Rules Engine, UDDI, ESB Toolkit
UML, XNA, Kinect, TPL

I am Microsoft Certified Professional since the year 2007. I have earned following certificates to demonstrate my knowledge and technical expertise. They cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

Web Developer
BizTalk Server 2006
SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005
Business Intelligence
.NET Framework 2.0
Web Applications
.NET Framework 2.0
Windows Applications
.NET Framework 2.0
Distributed Applications